New cover is up guys! #theherja cover from #october is on my channel now. ♥️👯
This is the kind of song, you’ll love, the first time you hear it. And Atif’s voice is like a cherry on the cake. ^_^
So, made a quick cover of it as soon as I heard it.
Was trying to see how I’d sound like.
More like a demo or practice version. Thought of posting it. Definitely not a proper cover of this song. Will be making a full cover of it soon, if possible.
Do let me know in the comments below how you find it, also if you think I have to make a proper of it :’) Or any other suggestions.
Mobile upload, so don’t mind the quality. 😛

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Allah mujhe dard ke kaabil bana diya
Toofan ko hi kashti ka saahil bana diya
Bechainiyan samet ke saare jahaan ki
Jab kuch na ban saka to mera dil bana diya

O saathi…
Tere bina…
Raahi ko raah dikha na…
O saathi…
Tere bina… haa…
Saahil dhuaan dhuaan…


Aankhein moonde to
Jaane kisey dhoondhe?
Ki soya jaaye na
Ki soya jaaye na…